7 APPS to weight lose : Health & fitness

Hello,  ladies and gentle men a  very warm to introduce these topic which is very usefull to your health and life , lets come to point straightly Now a days in busy world so many have no time to talk to each other in family or sorroundings they are very busy daily wake up and going to work there is no time to eat also and if they are eating some thing they dont know that what they are eating and like this life are going like bike wheels and they don't have time to exercise and make fitness of body so ,for them we are suggesting some 7 apps to weight loss lets try these apps it may be help full to your life .

 1 . Lose it!

2. My FitnessPal

3. My Plate Calorie Tracker by Livestrong.com

4. Water Drink Reminder

5. CountEat.calories

6. Noom Coach

7. SworKit