Microsoft's Holographic Tech

hello guys today i will say the new interesting topic and wonderful gadget which was Microsoft Holographic it is on  the TED stage in Canada which was vancouver, alex kipman demoed is newest baby  is "Microsoft  HoloLens" he did with a visual bang. kipman teleported a hologram of  'NASA' scientist ontothe stage.Here's look at the new new technology & how it transform your world.

The mixed reality of the HoloLens headset , which is equipped with the loads of sensors , a fish-eye-lens camera & a holographic processing unit , demonstrates how the 'HoloLens' lets you overlay holograms in to the real world , which was the headset maps out with spatial mapping technology.

Those holograms can be unlike  a real life as kipman demonstrates  with the fairy on stage with him. he added "This is precise holographic  replica of Mars built from data captured by the curiosity Mars rover".  NASA  scientist was teleported of hologram of him was . Norris said  " I'm standing in a room across the street while i'm standing on the stage with you while i'm was standing on mars a hundred million miles away". ' Hololens for science". 

Nasa is now using this Hololens to allow astronauts to explore other planets like mars with their feet  planted firmly on earth. NASA & Microsoft engineers test project sidekick on NASA's Weightless wonder C9 jet . Project sidekick will use Microsoft will be usefull in Hololens to provide virtual aid to astronauts working on the International Space Station.