Latest news on Amazon

Amazons net loss from India business widens to 1724 crore's in this year ended march 2015, the combined losses of the 'Big 3 ' online firms including such sites as snadeal, flipkart  to 5052/- crores as offfering huge discounts to hunt the customers heavily , the amazon seller service is registered 6-fold increase in its sales 1021 crores in only 2014-2015 from 169 crores a year earlier 

sales of the its kindle e-reader on its portal, a year ago it had net loss of 321 crore. Amazon expects India to overtake Japan , germany & uk has become  large market on overseas market , besides becoming quickest to reach 10$ billion in gross merchandise values , amazon nearly invest 5$ billion on/in india ,et reported in  july.

while the market opportunity is sizeable ,most e-commerce segments have svere competative dynamics & the currently strategy seems  to build a moat around themselves by scaling up & their competitors in the world according to Credit suissse report.

Amazon's India's legal  expenses is too & were substantially higher than  most companies at 221 crore , India' s e-commerce market is expected to grow 103$ billion by march 2020 from 26$ billion according to goldman sachs, the number of indian internet users  has quadrupled to over  400 million now, 300 million access the internet at least once in month & 40 million engaged Online shopping.