Motion sensor game - Leap motion.

hello guys today i will introduce a new  topic which is very interesting for you especially who are more interested in plating games . there i already one type of game is there which is 'x box' which will be huge successful and i am saying another technology which is more than that this type of game name " Leap Motion" game it is multi touch desktop is a failed product due to the fact that hands be could get very tired with prolonged use . But this type of  motion game which is 'Leap Motion' wants to challenge this dark area again with a more advanced ideas .  It lets you control the desktop with fingers , but it is with out the touching screen .

It's not your typical motion sensor , as leap motion allows you to scroll the webpage , Zoom in the map & the pics , sign docs & even play first person in shooter game with only "Hand & Finger Movement " . The smooth reaction is the most crucial key point here . 

I think that when you completed this reading you want to own this future , it was with just '70$' , it's  just a price of  premium PS3 game title.

This device could completely work with " Oculus Rift " to simulate a real time gaming experience , gaming is going to get a major make-over.