Fresh new shapes of Electric Devices

Hello guys in 2016 smartphones , tablets & pc's will adopt new form factors , samsung is expected to finally release its Foldable screens to market all are trying to release like this screens but samsung is trying to bring first in the market which will allow is to be truly flexible . it may be possible to fold your huge smartphone & put away in your pocket or bend as much as you like & in the market curved screens are also expected to be high & common and more variety in designs & form factors of our device .

We can expect this type of smart phones in 2016 to keep getting more  & more slimmer. we are getting the latest reports that some mobiles are emerged that the "iphone 7" will be like '1mm slimmer ' . by ditching the 3.5mm socket & android manufactures will surely follow suit , and the figure of demands is increasing day by day for slimmer phones& manufactures will do all they can to cater to it