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Wednesday, 30 March 2016



Hello guys today i will show the latest gadgets pics for u it is just little pics it is just updating if u want more pics i will upload with in short time.

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Motion sensor game - Leap motion.

Motion sensor game - Leap motion.

hello guys today i will introduce a new  topic which is very interesting for you especially who are more interested in plating games . there i already one type of game is there which is 'x box' which will be huge successful and i am saying another technology which is more than that this type of game name " Leap Motion" game it is multi touch desktop is a failed product due to the fact that hands be could get very tired with prolonged use . But this type of  motion game which is 'Leap Motion' wants to challenge this dark area again with a more advanced ideas .  It lets you control the desktop with fingers , but it is with out the touching screen .

It's not your typical motion sensor , as leap motion allows you to scroll the webpage , Zoom in the map & the pics , sign docs & even play first person in shooter game with only "Hand & Finger Movement " . The smooth reaction is the most crucial key point here . 

I think that when you completed this reading you want to own this future , it was with just '70$' , it's  just a price of  premium PS3 game title.

This device could completely work with " Oculus Rift " to simulate a real time gaming experience , gaming is going to get a major make-over.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fresh new shapes of Electric Devices

 Fresh new shapes of Electric Devices

Hello guys in 2016 smartphones , tablets & pc's will adopt new form factors , samsung is expected to finally release its Foldable screens to market all are trying to release like this screens but samsung is trying to bring first in the market which will allow is to be truly flexible . it may be possible to fold your huge smartphone & put away in your pocket or bend as much as you like & in the market curved screens are also expected to be high & common and more variety in designs & form factors of our device .

We can expect this type of smart phones in 2016 to keep getting more  & more slimmer. we are getting the latest reports that some mobiles are emerged that the "iphone 7" will be like '1mm slimmer ' . by ditching the 3.5mm socket & android manufactures will surely follow suit , and the figure of demands is increasing day by day for slimmer phones& manufactures will do all they can to cater to it

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Microsoft's Holographic Tech

Microsoft's Holographic Tech

hello guys today i will say the new interesting topic and wonderful gadget which was Microsoft Holographic it is on  the TED stage in Canada which was vancouver, alex kipman demoed is newest baby  is "Microsoft  HoloLens" he did with a visual bang. kipman teleported a hologram of  'NASA' scientist ontothe stage.Here's look at the new new technology & how it transform your world.

The mixed reality of the HoloLens headset , which is equipped with the loads of sensors , a fish-eye-lens camera & a holographic processing unit , demonstrates how the 'HoloLens' lets you overlay holograms in to the real world , which was the headset maps out with spatial mapping technology.

Those holograms can be unlike  a real life as kipman demonstrates  with the fairy on stage with him. he added "This is precise holographic  replica of Mars built from data captured by the curiosity Mars rover".  NASA  scientist was teleported of hologram of him was . Norris said  " I'm standing in a room across the street while i'm standing on the stage with you while i'm was standing on mars a hundred million miles away". ' Hololens for science". 

Nasa is now using this Hololens to allow astronauts to explore other planets like mars with their feet  planted firmly on earth. NASA & Microsoft engineers test project sidekick on NASA's Weightless wonder C9 jet . Project sidekick will use Microsoft will be usefull in Hololens to provide virtual aid to astronauts working on the International Space Station.

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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Increase Internet speed Device

Increase Internet speed Device

Hello guys now a days each & every one is using Internet so and also using "Wifi" in each &  every one house and it is some much cost but all are using this wifi device and they are paying money they are not getting good speed of this wifi device and that's why i am showing this device to get more speed by using this device the speed is increased & this device is known as "G-Drive ev SSD" u will take the power of this with u & with extreme performance connected with the usb device you will get transfer rates up to 400MB/S the drive . the drive comes with 512 GB of storage capacity & it is compatible with  'Mac OS 10.6 , windows 7,8 & vista. it comes with a 3 year warranty. use it alone & it experience up to " 480MB/s for the ultimate flexibility & expandability that today's creative professionals demand.  

COST is : 499.95$

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Bluetooth Multi device keyboard

Bluetooth Multi device keyboard

Hello guys today i came with a new device which is launched by logitech it is " Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device keyboard" which is "K480" and it is used for multi functional and it is multi device keyboard . it is specially designed for use with up to 3 devices at at time , regardless of computing platform . Now you can work on a report on your computer , and with the flick of the easy-switch dial, respond to a message on your smart phone or type a tweet on your tablet with this device it is all from "Logitech Bluetooth multi device keyboard - K480" . it is less cost and it is very comfortable .

It cost is 49.99$ .

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Google self driving cars : Hiring jobs

Google self driving cars

Google self driving car is putting more effort it expands hiring post of manufacturing jobs ,google is already doing work for self driving cars there is also some trails are done and this self driving project is advertising dozens of jobs on its own website.

it come with a special focus on manufacturing expertise , 36 jobs related to the google X car project were listed  including engineers working on motion control, displays , robotics & sensors as well as managers charged with operations , materials & marketing.

it is declined to comment has denied in the past that it had any interest in making cars many experts which has experience in industry experts believe the tech giant will partner with an established car maker, supply the software that will pioneer fully autonomous vehicle.

Developing the self-driving cars has been a key priority of traditional car makers & many technology companies like 'Apple & Uber technologies and auto suppliers.

Job listing says the post is responsible for 'designing factory assembly stations , optimizing production floor layout & approving fixture designs used in the assembly of electronic modules for the self driving car.

a mechanical global chain manager is responsible for manufacturing development execution , among other tasks . in january preident of google self driving project " john krafcik" said that  he wanted to form partnerships witth established car makers & suppliers in 2016 to accelerate work.

Google currently tests its prototype cars in its home base of mountain view, California & Austin , Texas . its announced last week it would expand testing to kirkland , washington later in Febraury.

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